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images (47)What becomes of pain?
Unbearable, yet bearable.
Hurting, crying…longing for release, yet must remain within.
The urge to forgive.
Pleading all becomes right.
The encounter finally arises…
once more, realizing all is lost.
Forever trying,
yet feeling so unworthy.
Forget self…give of self
and in the end, left with nothing.
Oh!!! the Pain!
the sorrow of emptiness.
To grasp for affection…and
receive the infliction.
Praying softly for release from bondage.
Grieving loudly…Freedom doesn’t come.
Hating with a passion,
knowing the harm sure to follow.
Praying for forgiveness
and feeling so all alone.
Trying to keep the eye single
and wishing goodwill toward all.
Yet the heart…Oh, the heart
steadily breaking.
Finally…Piece by Peace it filters away…
weakness becomes Strength
hate becomes Love
chaos becomes Harmony
sadness becomes Joy.
abjection goes and the Will of The Most High Becomes…
Self Discovery is Beautiful & so are You…in lifelightlove*anita