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An End to Start Anew

images (9)The beginning of 2015 was the birth of the end of an era for me.  As my birthday (August, 29th) drew near, I began experiencing the pangs of absence, of people deciding to exit my life.  At the start of 2015, I was enamored by the presence of another, only to realize our energy was to merge for a very brief period of time.  Another beautiful being of energy, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing thought, touch and intimacy for some time has moved outside of my aura, leaving me no longer able to share our rainbow of lovely auric colors.

As I think about this completion, the agenda of my mind is uncertain; however my certainty lies in the embracing that the Universe is unfolding as it should, and it is unfolding the magic that is for me.

You know, I’ve also been giving thought that throughout  my life, I’ve been reaching for something – always  headed toward the next step, without mind of time and space completion.  Always I’ve been with the thought…”when I get here, when I get that, when I finish this, when I start that…I’ll find contentment.  Not taking a moment to appreciate the brilliant red rose among the weeds.

During this cycle of completion and the start of anew, I suddenly realize (suddenly being universal time) that I love my journey, where I am at this moment (okay, I await for intimate unity), excited in the mergence of the rainbow of energy in the continuum of this space, in the presence of the Beautiful extension of me, my mother, my mother’s mother…; the manifestation surrounding the essence of me…the Brilliance of it all.

The work I do – I love…the me I give – I’m honored.

Oh yea, as I continue on my journey, I’ve come to see that as the different forms of exquisite takes shape, as the energy enters and exits, as the service I give to myself and others – it is the birthing of the Creator’s idea, the Goodness & Fullness, the Grace & Favor that is for me and within me, and as I remain in Gratitude and Faith, I shall stay mindful to see with my mind’s eye and allow the Creator to manifest the Miracles.

My purpose is to keep an open hand & heart of service to myself and others…God fills these hands and heart with purpose and continues to bring to Light the perfect manifestation that’s for me to share, experience and express with myself and others.

So, Beautiful You…today my philosophy is:

  • Trust in the process
  • Have the vision
  • Let the Creator manifest the Miracle

Soul energy that enters our life will be…

  • For the second
  • For the moment
  • For the hour…and it’s all Good

As I contemplate, meditate and pray, I Am in the midst of the continuum of the new.

Love be-ing and allow the Miracles to Manifest…Trust it’s all in Divine Order.

Be You…Let Go…Let it Flow…Love You…What You Do…,

Can you feel me, in…lifelightlove*anita