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Completing in 2016

sunriseThe most important lesson we can learn is who we are!!!
Time to spring clean the inside and outside. Remembering the inside governs the outside…

The beautiful year 2016. This year is a year of making way for new beginnings. Have intentions of completing any unfinished projects. It’s a year of finishing the chapters in this book to begin reading a new one (whatever that is for you). It is a year of completion. Things that are no longer useful for you, pass them on to someone who can use them. Thoughts that no longer serve you, subjugate them with new, energizing, positive thought. This year embrace who you are as you move upward onward and inward. When you can…give not solely monetarily – give of self as you Love yourself.

This is the year of universal compassion. A year of closure that is filled with the Goodness & Fullness of LIFE. May your Blessings overflow and your SUCCESS thrive and prosper, in…lifelightlove*anita