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Mind Spring Clean

download (3)An afternoon Thought Massage: When the New Year came upon us and as the day made way for the evening and onto the following day, I experienced one minor challenge after the other. At some point I allowed it to frustrate me with the finale in the evening putting my head on to my computer desk and letting the tears flow. Those one-right-after-the-other minor challenges weighed me down. Our Periscope challenge for today was Why can’t I keep up…and Ways to Simplify.
This morning, I awakened to the fact that as I was so busy with the doing…preparing my home for the new year – cleaning and taking out the garbage and such, I neglected to take the garbage out and clean my mind. I couldn’t keep up with those annoyances, cause I was burdened and weighed down with the garbage of my thought.
This New Year, let’s take time to be mindful of our thought. Life is what our thought make it. This year, in all my getting, I’ll be getting with keeping my thought positive, creative and Universally inspired. Hope you will too, in…lifelightlove*anita