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Upon Sunrise

images (14)This morning’s Reflection: “Most times when I first wake up I feel…, because…”

Okay, I’m gonna do a two-fold with this one my Sister/Friend.
1) Most times when I wake up (literally), I feel content and peaceful, because I gratitude journalled the nite before and wake up thanking and listening to the Creator.
As I was doing an evening Reflection last nite (I do those too sometimes) 🙂 This is the same card which came up and I thought…hummm
2) Most (mind you most 🙂 ) times when I wake up (Spiritually – recover something about myself) I feel so calm and, ummmm, I guess the word is “sure”, because I’m coming closer and closer to the Center.

How about You??? What do you feel most times when you wake up