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images (9)Good Morning…This morning’s Reflection: “Are my positive thoughts aligned with my Self Image?”

Ya know, we are an ever-changing, shifting, beautiful, powerful, loving Creative, so of course the answer to the question will be other than 100% 24/7 365 :-). Okey dokey, I’ll rephrase…most times are my positive thoughts aligned with my Self image?

Okay, let’s see…I’m very diligent with being the keeper of my thoughts. I have learned and lawdy KNOW that thoughts are magnetic. There is so much research out there (both Spiritual and Scientific). Check it out. 🙂 Past and present experiences constantly teach me that my thought (harmonious or inharmonious – which ever I choose) will (without doubt) produce that which I’m thinking, and especially if I add that emotional vibration to it. I have a saying “Yesterday’s thought is life today”.

Sure there are times I could be more positive in my thinking…hey that’s only being human, right…hahahahahaha.

Alrighty then. Positive thought ^ Self image. As I have positive thoughts, I sometimes look in the mirror and sure, I’d prefer to have a less “S” shape, you know the butt and the stomach action :-). While caressing my face with my Avocado/Shea souffle, I may draw my eyes to a wrinkle here and there and kinda pull my face back to see how it use to be. Sometimes, I get that rash between my thighs, cause there’s no space in between so the material causes a rash on my much delicate skin. When combing my hair, I see its thinness at the top.

As I notice the glove I’m in, I also see the twinkle in my eye and feel the softness of my skin. I notice the color I place on my lips, and how my jeans outline my sexy hips. I hear the sound of my laughter which is oh so often, and the ability to comfort another as my heart even more so softens.

Are my positive thoughts aligned with my Self Image?

My Self – I strive to express the attributes of the Creator. I pray everyday that I Am guided by the Light of the Creator within me. I hope to represent the Goodness & Fullness of LIFE and help another represent the Goodness & Fullness of LIFE.

So, I really didn’t need to rephrase that question after all…

My self (outside persona)
Yea, there’s that and that which I can change, if I choose.

My Self (Divine Inside)
Is it aligned with my positive thought…ABSOLUTELY!!! & I bet yours is too, in…lifelightlove*anita

Are your positive thoughts aligned with your Self Image?  Take a Selfie on the Inside and TAPN2U…Beautiful You.