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Happy Birthday to the first Black woman to become an Advocate with the UIA Advocacy Program. Happy Birthday to the Pioneer, the reason why I am and my sister is an Advocate for the Michigan unemployed worker. Happy Birthday to a dedicated and disciplined woman who graduated high school and with that became Governor’s Miliken’s direct assistant and further became supervisor of the Wage and Hour Division.

Happy Birthday to a strong Woman who endured much and overcame more. Happy Birthday to my Friend, who shared her doubts about her effectiveness as a mother with me, and I said to her, I couldn’t have a BETTER Mother and Teacher. Happy Birthday to a very, very wise woman, who could Trivial Pursuit the pants off of anybody. Happy Birthday to my Mama, who loved playing Bid Whist and said “play to win, angel…play to win” and meant every word of it. Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Spirit that taught me and my brother and sisters very well. Happy Birthday to my Mother who said her gray hairs were because of me.

Happy Birthday to a Soul whose laughter would cause laughter and whose smile was as bright as the moon, the sun and the stars. Happy Birthday to my Mama who, on the side of my bed, when my beautiful, precious twin girls were born, said that I am to love me first before I could possibly truly love my daughters, and with that, I said to her that was the most selfish thing I’d ever heard. Until years later (daughters grown) over the phone, I said I love you Mama…I got it.

Happy Birthday to the Child whom God chose to be my Mother and my Mama. Happy Birthday to the one, whose blood flows within me and nourishes my being. Happy Birthday to the one, the reason I am here.

Happy Birthday, Mama. I feel you and know you continue to guide me. You’re #6 in my Journal…but then I guess you already know that.

I Love You Mama…I Thank You Mama…I’m So Proud of You Mama. Say “Hi” to everybody for me. Always…your loving daughter*angel