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The Creator creates The Way

The Creator creates the way.

I have a coaching buddy in another country and our first connection is this Monday via Google+. Well, once we decided on the date and time, I knew I had to do something to make it happen, so we would be able to be buddies and connect. (We had been facebook chatting for a minute trying to get this thing together). I thought about my broken Ipad – maybe get it fixed; thought about webcam and mic for my desktop (still want those).

Okay, I called my cell phone carrier service to inquire about upgrading my plan to unlimited giggabytes (???). The rep, bless her heart, said that the plan would be $60.00 per month, minus the $20.00 credit I was given for the next six months = $40.00. I said, cool. Then she said that she would have to change the date my bill was due (I’m thinking, word…I wasn’t feeling that first-of-the-month billing anyway). I said okay. She proceeded to share with me that the plan would become effective 02/27. I shared with her that I needed more bytes before the 18th. She said she was adding 2 more of those bytes for free, for my buddy call.

Before we got off the phone, she said “oh, wait, I see you’re entitled to get unlimited everything for $55.00” and I said, “will I still get the $20.00 credit for the next six months?” She sez YES.

I’ll have enough juice to connect with my buddy on Monday, will have unlimited everything for $35.00 for six months and no payment is due until Feb. 27th, a…n…d my bill is no longer due the first of the month…it’s been changed to the last of the month.

Hey…what you say…The Creator creates the Way, in…lifelightlove*anita TYF!!!