The Perfectionist

Good Morning, my Beautiful Sister or Brother003 (1). This morning’s reflection Thought Massage: “My stinker/thinker is a…”? Wow, Latifah, weren’t we JUST talking about that last nite??? 🙂

I call a stinker/thinker our 1st saboteur…that noise of self judgement (which has become so loud, it seems to silence our Gentle Voice).

I love working with my hands to create. As such, I’m a Calligrapher, Soap & Candle maker and Alchemist. When I used to create poetic portraits in Calligraphy, I would need a dozen hands to count on my fingers how many times I went back to the draft board to start and finish a poetic portrait piece over (especially when creating for another). As a candle maker, I’ve remelted, restructured a candle over and over again, because I thought it could smell or look better. As an Alchemist, I’ve rewritten an aromatherapeutic recipe a dozen times, thinking it just wasn’t quite right. As a soapmaker, I’ve gone back to the formula, tweeking and tweeking and tweeking. Oh, I didn’t mention…most times the finale was going back to my original picture. 🙂

I understand and agree that there are times when redoing, revising, restructuring is necessary.

In my case, my stinker/thinker has been a perfectionist. I recently realize the stone hidden within the deep waters of the well in my thought was the idea…what I do is not good enough.

Know it, then – love it, face it, work on it, remove it (@ least go tell it to sit it’s tale down someplace and be quiet) 🙂

What is your stinker/thinker? TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita