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COMPLIMENTARY Create Your Own Ambiance

Share candle making with your partner.

Make a date nite and discover the intimacy of making a candle just for the two of you. Many articles have been written about couples indulging in fun and play.

“Couples that play together…stay together”.
Create and have fun together by…
Make a candle
Bathe by candlelight together
Have dinner by candlelight
Love by candlelight
Look into each other’s eyes by candlelight
Laugh by candlelight
Create your own memory with Candlemaking

The Flame…for centuries represents Faith, Hope, Eternity and Home.

We use candles for celebration…they slow us down and give us cause to pause and appreciate the moment.

How about you?  Do you just love the ambiance and flavor a candle brings? Become your own Candle Artisan…
It’s relaxing…
Wonderful way to Stay in the Moment…
Great for Date Nite…
Family Project…

Here’s a simple recipe to making your very own…
Candles Made Easy.

***Of course use care and always follow manufacturer’s instructions



I start off with 100 % Botanical
Soybean Flakes wax





“T” lite cups and SS7
1 1/8″ HTP ( HTP High Temperature Paper) wicks. “T” lite cups measures approximately .3 oz of wax. Here I made 8 (8 x .3 = 2.4 ounces)






Wax flakes inside regular can-good can.



008 (2)



Place can inside saucer with water. Add water up to the point the can remains stationary in the water. Never leave melting wax unattended.




Melting wax. Heat level – medium.
Do not leave cooking/melting wax unattended. (Keep away from children)
Once 011wax is melted, add candy thermometer to wax. Heat wax no more than 130 degrees. Once reach 130 degrees, turn off stove and remove can from pan, using mit or holder, etc..
(Can will be hot)



Now we’re going to be adding the flavor.
Put can with melted wax on scale and “tare”.
(Tare is putting scare back to zero)

I use a disposable Kraft stick
to blend flavor with the wax.

Adding flavor. For these “T” lites I used, Premium Nag Champa Oil. (For each015 ounce of wax, you’ll be adding .09375 oz. of premium oil).
.09375 x 2.4 oz = 0.225 oz premium oil.

Flavor, Kraft Stick and Thermometer. I use a candy thermometer.

Pour liquid wax into “T” lite cups. Wait about a minute, then add the wicks (time may vary).

Watch the wax in the cups. You want to place the wick inside before they have have the chance to solidify.


T” lites will solidify in about 8-15 minutes. Allow your “T” lite to cool completely (not less than 1 hour)



***Place “T” lite in appropriate candle holder
***Never leave a burning candle unattended.
***I always light my candle when the clock’s  second hand is reaching upward.

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.