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Door Key

Good Morning. This morning’s Reflection: Am I a detailed Goal Setter or an Intention Se-er? Do I incorporate both and if so, which one is predominant?

I am and have been more of an an Intention Se-er. For me, I’ve tried setting detailed goals, rarely do I accomplish them, leaving me with a sense of failure. I recognize when I see the end result, with the goal of taking steps as they come to me, I tend to reach my destination. I think perhaps this way may take me longer; however, I’d rather it take me longer than not get there at all.

You know, goal setting and intention seeing are both correct methods of thriving toward destinations, and incorporating both is even better. It all matters with who we are and in which house our talent lives. As they say…Know Thy Self and as I say TAPN2U 🙂

Are you a Goal Setter, an Intention Se-er or Both? What’s the key that opens the door for You?

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