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Strength Zapper

images (33)For the past couple of months or so, I’ve been working on producing, data entry, designing certain engagement/coaching tools and learning about the various social media platforms.  In doing so, I’ve spent many hours on my desktop computer, with many times, after spending long hours, shutting down this technological machinery with very little accomplished.

While studying for my Coaching certification, I came across the words “Strength Zapper”, and because of the stellar teachings of our coach instructor, the definition was easily understood and proficiently explained.  I took for granted, because it was user-friendly defined, that I had an understanding of its concept. NOT!!!

About four weeks ago, after much due diligence with little achieved, I had a conversation with the Institute’s instructor, sharing my disheartening state of mind.  Due to the unrealized frustration that had been building up inside of me, when we ended our call, I laid my head down on my computer desk in my office and cried…I mean I boo-hooed.  After allowing this pent-up frustration to surface and then giving myself the benefits of releasing its unwelcoming energy and presence, I realized that the work spent + the desired intention + the uncertainty of where I was headed with my new found learning – the ability to set out what I’d hoped to accomplish (with this world wide web of social media) = a diminish of confidence and a questioning of my overall attributes and capabilities.

Having gone through this tidbit of emotional instability was a very valuable learning experience.  I recognized and realized that I unknowingly had engaged in strength zapping.  Strength zapping – involving oneself in a task having nothing to do with deep practice nor finding that sweet spot.  Strength Zapper – a person, place or thing that can attribute to the undermining and questioning of one’s talents and skills, if involved for a duration of time.

I’ve felt the strength zapper; I know the strength zapper.  I realize there was/is absolutely nothing wrong with me…I was trying to squeeze into something that didn’t fit; like trying to squeeze into a pair of size 10 jeans when I know good and well I’m a 14…yea, keep doing that and I’d start thinking I was fat.  Wouldn’t you???

Okay, I’m sharing this with you.  Recognize your Strength Zapper.  We all have ’em.  Should you begin to feel like maybe you just don’t have what it takes, that it’s just too hard, that maybe you don’t know all that you thought you knew, that you’re not what you think you are…Urrrkkk…TIME OUT…PUT SOME BRAKES ON IT!!!  More than likely you are allowing that zapper to tap into your Strength. What is your strength zapper?
Recognize it…realize it…know it…understand it… spend a time on it, and if need be delegate the task to someone else, or take another route…there’s always more than one.  You are and have all of that & a bag of chips.

TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita