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Today’s “Thought Massage” Reflection:
“As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a ____________, “

Each and everyone of us has a unique, natural talent – gifted by the Creator. It’s one that as long as we can remember, doing it is as natural as the air we breathe, Life comes with events to strengthen these gifts, and help us come to recognize them to share with others; the gifts within our Intimate Calling. These gifts, although may not be recognized by ourselves, are recognized by those closest to us. It’s part of how we represent ourselves to others.

Low self esteem being present in most of my life (since childhood), I’ve always rooted for the, as said back in the day, “underdog”. I’ve always wanted people to feel Good about themselves. This low self esteem has evoked the creativity in me, the searching for my relationship with the Creator, which I found is within me; thus the TAPN2U experience and concept.

Reflecting on one of your natural talents, the experiences that have strengthened far back as You can remember, you always wanted to be a _____________________________.

How about posting now, and…

As you reflect on it today, how about ask someone close to you, “what do you see in me?” 😉 and then compare what you posted to what you received from that special someone. Ooouuu…let’s have some fun 🙂

The Journey…Self Love & Recovery is Beautiful…so are YOU – TAPN2U.