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SUCCESS Defined Today

images (27)Good Morning. This morning’s Thought Massage: 1) What does SUCCESS mean to me? 2) What is holding me back from doing/completing… and 3) If there was nothing holding me back, I would…

I received a new interpretation on my cards 🙂

Today is my day to give of myself in the area where my gifts/skills are excelled and expressed. It’s a day of balance, home and spending time with family. To reflect and make adjustments in my home, work, family, etc…strive for the best solution for harmony (I’m sure I’ll know what this is about before the wee morning hours).

Okay, today is my day to volunteer at the adult day care center. I’m making an adjustment. I say this, because last week I purchased a bottle of Emu oil to take and share with the members at the day care center. This oil is really good on aches and pains. I speak from experience. I’ve used it on my thumb (over worked it some time ago) and it really eases the stiffness rather quickly.

What is holding me back from thinking about the future? my career planning, etc. for today? It is my choice…to be in harmony with music today, delight in the warmth of the sun on this winter’s day, to be of service (as it’s said – pay it forward), to have fun creating candles and blending an aroma for my home (just for the pleasure of enjoyment), to enjoy the love I’ll share with my family…however that is to be.

If there was nothing holding me back today, I would touch every person I come in contact with. By the end of this day, I’ll bet there is nothing that held me back 🙂

What does SUCCESS mean to me today? Being free to be me chilling and basking in Love, feeling the Light inside, and Be-ing in a Life of Peace & Harmony Today.

Hummm, sometimes what may be holding us back is simply our choice to step away for a day of normalcy, a moment, an hour, a second – even if it’s only in our minds. It’s our choice…always our choice.

The Synergy of Energy is Awesome. Sometimes events are defined before they actually become aligned.

What is your Vision for today…Just for Today? TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita