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It really can be quite simple

images (16)So, I’m writing this in the afternoon, reminiscing about the day before.  It was a day of adjustment, being of service, being responsible, seeking the best solution, and a time with family. The reflection of my cards was: 1) What does SUCCESS mean to me? 2) What is holding me back from doing/completing… and 3) If there was nothing holding me back, I would…

Reflecting on yesterday, I recognized one adjustment made was my perception. My perception of “what is holding me back…”.Initially, when I created these TAPN2U cards, that question was regarding a limiting belief. In fact, the card is categorized in the “Fork in the Road” category. 🙂 I realized a hold backer is not necessarily a limiting belief, yet an intentional, cognizant made choice to simply do something different. Okay, for instance, I’ve been having fun researching and developing my mind expansion for my Academy, and ways to reach/teach others. Yesterday, I CHOSE to do some other fun things (actually those things connect with my other) :-). You see, our “professional” and “personal” energy are really in the same mix…it’s all in the manner of the expression.

Getting back…to yesterday’s post question, “If there was nothing holding me back, I would…” I would touch every person I came in contact with. Mind you, when writing that intention, I was thinking physically touching. Last nite, I reflected back and saw that I had not actually physically touched everyone I came in contact with. Yet, as I write this…it does occur to me, I smiled and acknowledged everyone who graced me with their presence.  Who knows, maybe that smile touched them in some way. It was around 9:45p, I got a call from my granson, as I’m hearing the family in the background having a good time together, he asks if and his sisters can come over tomorrow. Of course, I said “yes…I love you, always, I’m tellin’ you. Let everybody know I love them”.  🙂 That was my time with family.  Hummm, while being you, it’s good sometimes to just let go, let it flow as you be you in what you do.

I smile as my best solution yesterday was to buy an already-cooked chicken @ $5.99.  I thought in terms of the convenience/money ratio, so I bought it. 🙂  For me the moral of yesterday was…SUCCESS can be easy peasy nice and cheesy :-).

This morning’s reflections:  1) When I think and act this way…it shuts up my stinker/thinker; 2) One of my Big Bold LIFE Intentions < 25 words or less; 3) I’m naturally Very Good at doing….  It’s also my day of keeping calm and quiet, spend some time alone, study and take stock of myself and replace talk with thought, fear with faith.

Answering my reflective questions, I’d say when I’m creating in the moment, it shuts of my stinker/thinker; one of my Big Bold LIFE intentions is to attend my 2016 Graduation ceremony, and I’m naturally very good at creating, serving and sharing.  Hummm, looks like a round robin thing here :-).

This is so far a learning day.  Three of my granbabies are with me and even in the midst of playing (putting on my wigs, posing and laughing) talking and stuff, I’ve had this moment to be calm, quiet and take stock of yesterday.  Yes, in the activity, we can experience a time of quiet.

It’s 2:45p, and I have the rest of the day and nite to further connect with the energy of my day.  Talk with you later.  Have a wonderful, Treasured TAPN2U day, in…lifelightlove*anita