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008 (3)Hahahahaha, this is so cool!!! This morning’s Reflection is: 1) What are my favorite subjects and why; 2) Thoughts are Energy and are my thoughts in aligned with my gut and 3) My limiting belief is and why.

Okay, the first two were so easy for me. My FAVORITE subjects have been and still are Psychology, because I love studying the dynamics of the mind. Shortly after being hired in with the Michigan Department of Corrections as a receptionist, I was transferred to the Steno Pool. We typed pre-sentencing reports on people involved with Wayne Felony Court. I really enjoyed typing and reading these reports. Back then, the report gave an extensive history of the person appearing before the judge for sentencing. The environmental, social (peer influence), community, home dynamics were so interrelated to the present state of the defendant’s circumstance. I think about my late brother, how he was influenced by his interest and dominance in the underworld culture.

Another favorite subject is Anthropology Anatomy. When I was studying for my Massage Therapy diploma, I realized my keen interest in the evolutionary human aspects of the physical body and how everything works independently, yet dependent upon each other. Psycho-Physical and Somatic. Wow!!! we are so Powerful & Beautyful in the continuum and connection with LIFE and each other. I think how Life really is an intertwining of compatible energy…what is that saying “like attracts like”? 🙂

That takes me to my third favorite subject, Spirituality and our connection to the Universe and each other. Again that intertwining thing 🙂

Alrighty then, I ask myself this morning what am I thinking. Ummm, I was just thinking stuff and my gut feeling mellow.

This is the funny part for me this morning…When I asked myself what was my limited belief and why, I answered it was me not being keen on computer technology and when I asked myself why, I laughed and said…”cause it ain’t one of my FAVORITE subjects.

Yesterday, I spoke of the round-robin thing and here is goes again. Start with favorite and end with favorite.

I’m seeing that I can be a serious thinker (really hadn’t thought about me like that before). I’m diggin’ this. My reflection is so cool.

Take a moment. Have you looked at your Beautiful reflection lately. Bet it has some wonderful things to share – TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita