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That Queezy Feeling

Connected with my cards and today’s Thought Massage: Thoughts are Energy. What am I thinking this very moment? It is + or -? What do I feel in my gut? Is it in sync with my thought? Lots of times, I love these “gotta think questions” cause often it takes me a minute or two to answer. Let’s me know I’m taking the moment to TAPN2ME.

That Queezy Feeling

How often have you have a good thought in your mind, yet simultaneously have that “queeziness” unsettling energy in the pit of your stomach? The pit of your stomach…the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra centers. I say “queeziness” because for years that’s what I called it and how I felt about it; an unsettling, uncomfortable, queezy feeling. It occurred to me this feeling emanating from our Sacral (our Feeling Center) and Solar Plexus (our Judgment Center), that queeziness which I’ve associated with an uncomfortable vibe, has not always been a correct assessment. I hadn’t taken the time to distinguish; to make a correct connection between my thought and feelings of energy.

Last month, I did my “Ice Breaker” with my Toastmaster’s group. Before sharing my introduction with the audience, the President (while at the podium) stated how she used to be so nervous speaking in front of others and learned that turning nervous, uncomfortable energy into excited energy makes all the difference in the world. I tried it wow!, it worked. I mention this because even as I’m typing this, at this very moment, it dawns on me that it’s now time for me to distinguish that “queeziness” between an unsettling energy and excited energy. To know the difference…to TAPN2ME.

This morning’s connection connected me to the President’s message and my Dream turn into Visualization this morning. As I was waking up, I had such a free-flowing, happy, vivid image of me and my life. Yet, right after here comes that “queeziness” feeling. In fact that “queeziness” feeling is in the pit of my stomach now. Hummm, I have a smile on my face and feeling that energy from my Sacral center. 1 + 1 will always = 2. Happy visual + smile on my face = Excited Energy!

It’s so all about perception and what we’ve taken for granted in a belief. When ever I experienced this feeling, I percieved it as queeziness and associated it something uncomfortable and unsettling. Perception can be so misleading! Often it’s the subtle things that goes unnoticed, because of the subtle things we’ve just naturally taken for granted.

A changed perception (at least for this moment)…

I love waking up to and continuing with a Visualization before getting out of bed in the morning. It’s so…Real 🙂. I’m so very excited about what is for me as ordained by God, the Universe and Nature.


Anita is the Creative Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy.  She is a Metaphysical CAM practitioner & teacher, certified life coach, speaker, published author, writer, workshop, and seminar facilitator.   She is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map projects and volunteers her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.