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A Round-Robin Kinda Thing

Todays’ Thought Massage Reflection: I look forward to doing this…, What Empowers Me? I’m naturally Very Good at doing…images (16)

Before I give my scenario on this one, yestereve I further massaged my mind with thoughts on yesterday’s TM Reflection. I was looking at the first (top) card, “what does SUCCESS mean to me?” I read my thought and then proceed to read the (bottom) left card, “What do I find exciting to do?” and again, I read my thought. Okay, I read the last (bottom) right card, “I Am Divine Faith because…”. You know, after contemplating the three and just chillin’ with my thought, I saw that what SUCCESS means to me is also what excites me and is a huge part of why I Am Divine Faith. It’s all interlaced, it really is One. I simply love the simplicity of it all.

Okay for today…let’s see —

I look forward to bringing from my mind the idea I woke up with and trying it out before I speak on it. It’s something, when I have these sites in my mind, with closed eyes, it is so vivid. I’m learning to trust this — what I see and know that whatever the vision intangible will be seen in the tangible. I just gotta not stray from the original “idea”. Something I can do so very well. Stray way from the original. Hahahahahaha 🙂.

I’m thinking about after I went somewhere downtown (I forget where I was coming from), a couple of months ago, I’m driving home and was given the name of my non-profit “Treasure Children the Treasure” (also representing Treasure Creative Thought – TCT). Now, that came in as clear as can be, and I heard it very well. Okay, here I go…I get home and don’t you know, I facebook text people and ask which name they like best. I gave them the original one and another one I came up with shortly after. Most people chose the latter and I ran with that choice; hey, the majority rules, right??? Alrighty then, coupla days later, I fill out the non-profit app., mail it with my application fee and await my certification. I don’t have that certificate to this day! The State kept (3x) sending back my paperwork, saying it was filled out incorrectly. See, goin’ against the grain produced absolutely nuthin for me 🙂. It’s that not-trusting Self stuff. Hahahahahahaha. This happen with you?

Getting back to today’s Reflection…What Empowers Me? Receiving ideas, implementing them and seeing how well they work. (Okay, you got me, I’m still from Missouri…the show-me-state 🙂 ).

I’m naturally Very Good at working with my hands – bringing the intangible to the tangible, sharing ideas – being the artisan alchemist that I am.

Hummm…here’s that round-robin again. Today, I’m looking forward to putting together what was given to me this morning, which I’m naturally very good at doing…mixing & mingling different parts to create a whole. 🙂

The more we learn about who we are…the more we recover the guidance we have within us…the more we learn to trust who we are. That round-robin thing.  Pre and Postludes…Who We Are!

How to deepen Your trust in You…Start with
1)  What is your Passion (what puts a fire in you)?
2)  What Empowers you (what puts a fire under you)?
3)  What motivates you (what puts that pep in your step)?

Start from the inside out – TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita

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Anita is the Creative Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, and enjoys her work as an Integrative Wholistic Practitioner & Transformation Life Coach.   She is a speaker, published author, writer, workshop, and seminar facilitator.   Anita is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map Party and the TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.  She continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.