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Nourish One Wonder at a time: NOW

This morning’s Thought Massage Reflection: What are my Ideal surroundings? My favorite animal is, because…? and Most times when I first wake up, I feel…

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Hummm, as I sat at my table, reflecting on my cards, looking at the crystals in surrounding water, my candle with the cowrie-shell atop it, and my newly sprouted plant, I realize this is a “feel” reflection.

I feel my ideal surroundings as a calm breeze of energy that embraces the synergy of all I am surrounded by. I feel my ideal surrounding gentle like the calm of the sea and as stormy as the highest of tidal waves protecting us from the turbulence of the myriad of consciousness yet to understand LIFE is precious…we are not mistakes, we are miracles in the Image of the Creator. I feel my ideal surroundings surrounded by the blossoming of life, as if flourishes and leans toward the golden warmth of the sun. I feel my ideal surroundings tickle me with a shiver on a chilly winter’s day and a cool summer’s eve.

My favorite animal is the fabulous feline. S/he is the calm, as swift as lightening, with the resonance of thunder. Loving the travel with the pride, yet unafraid to be and often prefers to be alone. Symbolically, the lion represents subconscious thought control, and the cat symbolizing the guardian. Reminds me of James Allen’s quote: Self Control is Strength, Right Thought is Mastery, Calmness is Power.
The fabulous feline, gentle as a mother’s love and as fierce as a Masai Warrior.

Most times when I wake up, I feel peace…I feel grateful…I feel connected…I feel…

Hummm, What are the Ideal surroundings??? Yesterday, it was where I was…Today, it’s where I am and Tomorrow, it’ll be where I am.

The Ideal surrounding is exactly where we are, it’s inside, looking out…
Ideally…Laugh with it, Cry in it, Celebrate it, Appreciate it, Learn from it, Love it.
The Journey and Self Recovery is Beautiful, so are YOU – TAPN2U
Namaste’ in…lifelightlove*anita

Anita is the Creative Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, and enjoys her work as an Integrative Wholistic Practitioner.   She is a Metaphysical CAM practitioner & teacher, certified Transformation life coach, speaker, published author, writer, workshop, and seminar facilitator.   Anita is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map projects and the TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.  She continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.