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Good Morning. Today’s Thought Massage Reflection: What makes images (65)me happy. I lose all track of time when… and My favorite activity is…because…

Hummm, what makes me happy in the content of this reflection is working in things that make me smile. Of course, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, doing things for people…these are all things that make me happy. I could continue on how bowling, shooting pool, socializing with others – dancing, music, sipping gayful libations and picquing my pallete all make me smile. As I’m engaging and connecting with my cards, the feeling comes to reflect on me…solo me. Engaging me, spending time with me…what makes me smile?

What makes me smile is working, having fun doing things – merging my hands and mind; connecting feelings with emotions.

I lose all track of time when I’m making candles, watching that soybean wax melt, getting my kraft stick to blend in my flavor. As I pour that liquid pleasure into its container, enjoying the flavor, as it wafts throughout my kitchen into my living and family rooms. Crafting soap and anticipating the feel of its natural bubbly and creamy sensation against my body. Crafting things for my skin and the psychological high I get knowing I’m doing this for me, because of me (as L’oreal says it), cause (and I’m finally getting it) I’m worth it. I lose all track of time when enjoy the aromatics of a single essence oil and marvel at the magnificence blend of the duo or trio. Learning about things that is an interest to me and marries my passion.

I lose all track of time when I interlace the artisan of me with the alchemist of me. Starting from the beginning and loving the manifestation of the whole that was created from the mix. Hahahahahaha, the Artisan Alchemist. I lose all track of time when I’m sitting at my table, quietly just listening to the soft music as it awakens visions in my mind – sometimes abstract, sometimes concrete.

My favorite activity is merging my hands with my mind…my emotions with my feelings…my body with the serenity and singleness of the surrounding energy, my Spirit with my Be-ing.

When I connected and reflected on my third card…”My favorite activity is…” It lead me on the journey of recovering what makes me happy being only with me. It’s amazing how time, experience – LIFE can grow and transform.

In the silence and solitude…what makes you happy, what makes you lose all track of time, what is your favorite activity being with you…alone with You. Self Recovery is Beautiful and so are You – TAPN2U
Namaste’, in…lifelightlove*anita

Anita is the Creative Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, and enjoys her work as an Integrative Wholistic Practitioner & Transformation Life Coach. She is a speaker, published author, writer, workshop, and seminar facilitator. Anita is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map projects and the TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game. She continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.