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images (82)Good Morning. Today’s Thought Massage Reflection: Looking back, I’m most proud when…; I love it when I’m doing this… and What do I find exciting to do?

Fulfillment & Aspiration…

Before I get into my thoughts about my connected reflections, I’d like to start by saying I like it that, the question “looking back…” is one for this morning. I often hear, especially in the Personal Development/Self Help fields of study…”to tell your story…looking back, and that story more than likely will reference some past pain of sort that was overcome. Don’t get me wrong…that’s a beautiful thing. We all have stories that can aspire to inspire others, and the intent here is not to minimize anyone’s nor my pain. This card vibe, tho puts another spin on it for me to stay mindful, yea…there is pain in the past, there’s also pleasure and one that often goes unspoken. Kinda like the news media…we hear so much about the gory and rarely hear about the glory.

Connecting with this reflection, the first word I think about is “proud”. Sometimes this word had some shyness for me. Didn’t want to use the word too much for fear of appearing arrogant or having an air of haughtiness. So I said, let me be proactive and just look up this word. Here we go: Proud – to be happy, content, joyful, delighted and I’m gonna add another word, for me anyway “Blessed”. Yep, it also means arrogance. For me, tho, I’ve been taught it meant the latter. I’m choosing the former description and with that said…

Looking back, I’m most proud the Creator choose me to be the mother of my Two. I’m most proud when I felt the pressure as my beautiful baby girls were lifted from the core of me (my babies were delivered by cesarean). I felt proud that my blood nourished them for ten months so they may make their entrance into this world – being a Gift and a Treasure. Looking back, I’m most proud to say they are my inspiration and I am able to see the Light of God within them. I’m most proud having the pleasure to see my first-born manchild granbaby kick his legs up in the air, in the crib in the hospital nursery, with his thumb in his mouth, and then me being on this earth to witness the birth of my four more. I’m most proud when they call me and want to come and spend time with me – not to do anything special – other than the specialness of being together.

I’m most proud of all the things I forced myself to do, simply because, against all odds – I did it.

I’m most proud that in spite of myself, my daughters are Beautiful Women, Wonderful Wives and Adoring Mothers.

Hummm, you know, I can go on and on…and bet you could too!

I’m most proud that today, at age 59, I’m here to see the wonders of the Universe axis’ positive shift in the LIFE of Anita’s unfoldment.

I love it when I’m helping others, giving birth to projects and working with others. I love it when I can quite my mind and just be (not always the case). I love it when I can surrender with trust (getting better at it). I love when I have no worries about the hows (sincerely making efforts). I love it with I get a kool-aid smile and a great big hug from my friends (oh, boi…I just love this).

I love it when I’m on facebook and read something that makes me holler with laughter. I love it when I can speak with friends and some profanity slips out (yea it can come easy for me, specially if I’m angry) and I know they won’t be offended nor judge me, in fact we can laugh about it later.

I love it when a claimant calls me and says they won their case and it’s been months since filing their claim – meaning they gettin’ ready to get paid!!!

I love doin’ stuff by myself and with others.

What do I find exciting to do? Anticipating the Good to receive it :-). (Bet you thought I was gonna go on and on…Hahahahahaha)

We all have those Grand physical manifestation aspirations; however, let’s take a look inside…I yearn to give birth to the images inside my mind.
What are your Yearnings…what fulfills your Soul?
1) Looking back, what are you most proud of? (to sustain You)
2) What is it you Love to do? (to nourish & nurture You)
3) What do you find exciting to do? (to stimulate You)?
These three questions…*sweet and simple, short and kind

Life LIFE from the Inside – Out.  TAPN2U, in…lifelightlove*anita

*Stevie Wonder “These Three Words”

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Anita is the Creative Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, and enjoys her work as an Integrative Wholistic Practitioner & Transformation Life Coach.   She is a speaker, published author, writer, workshop, and seminar facilitator.   Anita is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Mapping and the TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.  She continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.