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Energy Flows…

It’s absolutely amazing…Energy flows where attention images (16)goes…


As soon as I placed the second card down, I smiled.

As I was welcoming and giving thanks for this morning, I thought about a couple of projects I’ve yet to finish; specifically, the YOU (Your Own Universe) course and the N2WISHin e-course I’ve planned. I smile because as I sat up from my slumber, placed the gloves on my feet and being blessed with leg mobility, I traversed into the kitchen. Not stopping at the coffee maker (I did look at it tho 🙂 ), I proceeded to come into my office to share a tidbit to members of the “Aura & Aesthetics of Aromatherapy” group. I changed my mind and decided to do my “Thought Massage” first.

Hummm, I go into my bedroom and take my cards from its satin case. Shuffling, I think, “okay, what’s in me today”. The first card reveals: What is hold me back from doing/completing…hahahahahaha, of course I think of my projects. Okay, I answer the question. What’s holding me back is that sometimes I think (not feel) that I don’t have enough information in me to bring thought to hand to pen to paper. Now, here we go, ya’ll. Turning over the second card, it reads…I Am Divine Wisdom because…WOW!!! I smile because I Am Divine Wisdom because it is the Light of the Creator connected with the Soul of me that does the work – absolutely perfectly and, in keeping with a Universal Principal, when I recognize, realize and receive my Oneness, I understand I have everything I need to put imagination to thought to hand to pen to paper.

Professing My Purpose. I know that I Am valuable to LIFE. My purpose is to activate and bring forth my uniqueness that may be shared with others…my Ministry is manifesting higher Ego (Expressing God’s Opulence) by speaking, writing, learning and sharing how to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive, as ordained by the Creator, Nature and the Universe. Learning how to Trust in ourSelves and our Inner Guidance – Living LIFE from the Inside – out.

Wow!!! Energy flows where attention goes. Hahahahahaha, I simply adore it!!! And for this I truly give Thanks. Oh, in the mix of this morning’s melody, I did make a pot of coffee and enjoying a cup now 😉 TYF!!!

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Anita is a Minister in Metaphysical studies and Certified Spiritual Life Coach. She is the creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and TAPN2U Card Game for Self Recovery; in addition, Anita teaches Integrative Wholistic classes. She is a speaker, published author, writer, and workshop/seminar.  She serves as an Advocate for the Michigan unemployed worker, and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.