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Simply Understand & Be

I had such a BEAUTIFUL time in Arizona. I met new friends fromimages (45) Australia, New Jersey, sister-city, Chicago, Georgia, Africa, Maryland. People came from all over the world to attend this graduation /convention.
On the second day, I accompanied a sister (from Georgia) to the Red Rock Mountains. The Red Rock Mountain area is listed as a Vortex site. As we were traversing that mountain trail, it was so neat…three times we came into areas where we’d feel a rush of cold air, like being right in front of an air conditioner. It was so cool. 🙂
On the way home at the airport, the plane was delayed (we were scheduled to board @6:15p Arizona time and arrive 12:55a Detroit time. We eventually boarded @8:30p (Arizona time) and arrived in @3:55a (Detroit time).
We were all sitting in our designated area. I had on a sleeveless, light blouse talking with a mom and daughter who were also coming back to Detroit. The air conditioner was on and it was working quite well :-). At some point, mom asked me if I was cold and I said, “no, not really. I can feel the air, but I’m okay.” About five minutes later, the mom, raised from the wheelchair she was sitting in and said she was going to get a pastry. She came back with two hooded sweatshirts and handed me one of them. I just hugged and hugged her. Beautiful people are EVERYWHERE!!! What a God gift (mom, daughter and the hooded sweatshirt). While flying home, the inside of the plane was really cold. I would have been VERY cold had she not showed me her love.
Plus, Southwest gave us, all scheduled on flight #1204, a $100.00 voucher, we have up to a year to use. I’d been thinking that I wanted to go somewhere for my 60th birthday…what a cool early bird birthday present.
This adventure helped me to remember (as when I took a train ride to Chicago)…sometimes I may feel lonely being single and all, especially when I see couples sharing good times together, and at times, I long for that…I also realize and have come to understand I am never alone…we are never alone. Sometimes the heart wants to be all one (whether we recognize it or not) to learn, grow, explore to become two.  There is a time…a purpose for everything 🙂
Ohhh, Blessings are where we know they are and where we don’t. Just go a little to the left, move beyond thinking positive & simply BE positive that all is in Divine Love and at the end of it all is the beginning of all Good…and for this I Smile and give Thanks. images.7 (1)  TYF!!!