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Crystal Clear

As I’m reflecting on my daily Thought Massage reflection, I’m mirrored with having a crystal clear intention of my intentional destinations. This has been a tad confusing for me, as I believe to have an end result and let the truth of the matter manifest itself, as I allow the Inner Trustcrystal clear of my Spirit carte blanche creativity.

I’ve heard over and over again that things will not come to pass (I prefer…come to last) if we are not clear on what we want to do with our lives, etc. Again, I have struggled with this, because if I’m to be detailed in the whats and hows, then am I not limiting the course, ways and means of manifestation and expression? Of course, if our detailed description comes from the Inner Truth of the matter and not the conscious ego (that which is influenced by external stimuli and others’ perception/perspectives), then Yes, minute detailing will not (I believe) bind or limit our connection with the Universe and the unlimited birth of creation.

Be clear and know exactly what we want. Well, for me my intentional “Do” may change as the seasons change. I want to “Do” a lot of things. I want to continue to “Do” the plurality of the work that I love. To live my LIFE (Love my Imagination and continue with Faith as I Express). To love and live with ease and joy – give, share, connect with unwavering faith…ahhh the third component in LIFE. To see my family prosper with ease and joy; my grandchildren love the LIFE they live, honoring the Spirit of the Creator within…the Inner Truth of the Matter of BE-ing.

Years ago, I was at a bar and a guy sat next to me and asked me what my goals were. I answered that I want to be happy and free. He said, “no really, what are your goals”. I said to him that if he didn’t understand that, me elaborating would be of no use or consequence.

I’d forgotten my crystal clear intention, as I chose to follow the mainstream and “detail my goals” in my Do-ing.

My intention to “DO” remains changeable, as I am a creative, an artist, a lover of the true essence of Love (as I feel it to be at the time I feel it).

Crystal Clear – YES!!! I am crystal clear of my intentions.

I want (am) happy and free – free to let go and let it flow. Continuing to learn to BE unwavering in my Faith – to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. Knowing my destinations are ALWAYS in my favor, as I express the dynamic, multidimensional essence of my BE-ing.

For me, the details of the How and What may be relevant to the ego of me, however, I chose to reveal the EGO (Expressing God’s Opulence) of me as I live my LIFE from the Inside – out, manifesting it ALL.

Crystal Clear, Yes…Happiness & Freedom. To move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing Positive.

What’s your crystal-clear intention?