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Move Beyond & Simply Be

Just BeA while back, I posted that I’d put myself in a position to practice my philosophy “Move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. This is what happened. I’ve been in a house that I was leasing for the last three years. My lease was due to expire 5/31 this year. I’d contemplated moving, as I truly am an apartment dweller. I just thought that I’d go month to month for about six months to gather some funds together to move before the beginning of 2017. Well, that wasn’t the plan. Toward the middle of April, I received an email from the property mgmt company that the owner decided he wasn’t going to renew my lease. WOW!!! Okay, no money saved, no prospects on a new home. I’m out, whether I had a place or not…whether I wanted to leave or not.

I begin looking for my new home. One evening my daughter called and shared with me that she and my son (in-law) had talked it over and that they invited me to stay with them and my grandchildren, so that I wouldn’t be “settling” for something,simply because I had to move. Of course, that touched my heart and with tears and gratitude, I thanked both she and my son. It was nice feeling the love and I knew inside that my new quaint castle (words I’ve not used for years) awaited me.

I told myself, I was not going to worry; that I was going to move as I’m led to move, and even during my uncertainty, insecurity, fear and doubt, I was gonna BE guided and move as I’m lead to. I go on my planned trip (had a wonderful time…in spite of the uncertainty where I’d be resting my head, where I was gonna call “home” At one time, my circumstances would have had a definite impact on my enjoyment).

I prayed, contemplated, meditated, thought to myself and imaged that it would be the perfect scenario if I found a place that was as spacious as my house but in an apartment setting. I gave thanks that it is so. I thought it, searched the net and followed illogical guidance (according to my ego).

The end result…I now live in an apartment setting, as spacious as the house I lived in (my daughter sez it’s actually bigger), with my own separate entrance…I’m in my Quaint Castle.

I moved beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive that the destination was in my favor. 🙂 Okay, now I know for sure. It is Be-able.  It’s Be-able for me and it’s Be-able for you too. TYF!!!