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To Whom This May Concern

shutterstock_178278311Move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. This has become my new philosophy.
I am a single, self-employed entrepreneur. The gist of my subsistence strategy is being an Advocate (vendor) with the State of Michigan, preparing and representing Michigan unemployed workers before the Administrative Law Judge. I serve also in other capacities, however, my primary wage earnings are by way of my work as an Advocate. Being self employed, this means that I am not paid on a weekly, biweekly, salaried or any other consistent time frame. That being said, there have been times when I didn’t know when I was going to receive payment for invoices submitted. At one time, as this has occurred more than a couple of times, I would experience emotions of fear, anger, failure, like you wouldn’t believe…the whole gamut; like it’s my fault monies hadn’t been deposited into my account. (Although on second thought, perhaps it was my fault – the energies I was putting out there, attracting lack instead of prosperity…who knows, do you?).

Moving beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. Okay, here’s the current situation. I’ve not received payment for invoices submitted since June 2, 2016, and Be-ing with my philosophy, I’d be in the position of moving beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. Positive to know that whatever it looks like, the destination IS in my favor and ALL is well. It doesn’t matter how it appears.

Since the second week of June, I’d start paying attention to my email account to see if I’ve received notification of my deposit (that’s how I’m notified – through my personal email account). Okay, it’s all good, bills continue to rock and roll, right? I’m BE-ing positive. Yesterday, tho during periods in the day, I’d start feeling those hanks hankin’ at me. I’d push ’em aside when I could and enjoyed my grandsons – we went to breakfast, swimming and talked…things like that. I did however, like I said let this no-deposit situation, since June 2, lessen my patience and, yes, my grandsons received the brunt of my impatience. Things I would have been more patient about normally, patience was nowhere to be found. The coupla times that happened, they just stayed outta my way and made sure they picked up after themselves, and went outside to play.

Moving beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. Today I wake up and decide, I’m not gonna let not having pocket money (oh, did I mention, I’d spent the cash I had in my purse coupla weeks ago) determine my peace of mind. Now, when after I’d spent my money a little while back, I’d say to myself, “I know money is coming, because there are things I need and want, plus, I spent the cash I had”. I get dressed, arrive at the Dearborn Hgts. Public Library and share my TAPN2U Treasure Mapping with the True Belles. I met Miss Black Michigan – Beautiful young lady. Oh, how I enjoyed myself!!

As I’m driving home, I’m giving thanks for the wonderful time I had, and that the True Belles enjoyed Tapping Into Themselves while Treasure Mapping. I exit I-96. I’m on the ramp and notice I’m enjoying the aroma of something…WOW!!! it’s the fragrance of the flowers. I smell the flowers in the air while on the exit ramp. This is a first for me. 🙂. Admiring the landscaping, yes – I’d never actually SMELLED them. I pull up into my community, stop at the mail box and get my mail. Included with the mail is a check. It was a check I was expecting, yet, it was double the amount I thought it would be!!! I smile and express my gratitude once again, also I get a feeling monies to my account ARE real arriving soon 🙂

Yes!!! it is definitely BE-able to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive that whatever the situation, whatever the circumstance, the destination IS in Your Favor.

Yes…it is definitely BE-able!!! TYF

The Journey & Self Recovery is Beautiful so are You
Take a Selfie on the Inside – TAPN2U and move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing Positive.

Anita is a Certified TAPN2U Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor.  She is the Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, and creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and Self Recovery Card Game. Anita’s message is to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive – to TAPN2U.  She is a speaker, published writer/author, with her works published in the Arab Woman Platform magazine, Brown Molasses Sunday (an Anthology of Black women writers), The National Library of Poetry and The Poetry Guild.  Anita also enjoys her work as an Advocate for Michigan unemployed workers, and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.