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Clarity Call

This is absolutely amazing! and I just Love it so…Treasure MapThis morning before rising out of bed, I shared with our Father that I didn’t want to say anything, I just wanted to hear so I can be clear. (About a month ago, I drew my Prayer Portrait and it showed me that I was still unclear about my “Why” to serve others and myself.) Today, My Why is because I want you to know that you can absolutely without question, trust in You and the Light within You…because the Light of God is absolutely without question inside of You.

Okay, this morning as I’m typing a sentence onto the bio, it really stuck out at me. Right then, I decided to do my Thought Massage and do a 3-card reflection. The reflection read:

1) I Love it when I’m doing this…
2) I Am Divine Prosperity because…
3) My Hobbies were – are and are they familiar?

Here’s the Clarity of my Creativity:
I love it when I’m doing and teaching Treasure Mapping, reading my Thought Massage book and my daily Thought Massage reflections. I love it when I get a call from a claimant and with excitment sez they won their case. I love it when I’m helping others with the talents the Creator gave me, and recognize these are God’s gitfs. I Am Divine Prosperity because when I do these things, I feel so Good inside and when I feel so Good inside, Good things on the outside come to me and then I’m able to share with others the Good. My primary hobbies were…reading, helping others feel Good – through laughter, helping them feel Good inside (my poetry). My hobbies now are reading, helping others feel Good – through laughter, written and spoken word. Are they familiar…You betcha!!! 🙂

It’s so crystal clear – My LIFE (Love Imagination Faith & Expression)
I am a TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher and a coach is to guide You to recover the answer that’s already inside of you. These are my expressions – the gifts God gave to me.
a) Treasure Mapping
b) Self Reflection cards
c) Clarity Calls
a) Reflections of an Angel book of Poetic Affirmations
b) Thought Massage – Message to Massage Your Mind
c) “If I then I Am” Self Recovery Activity booklet

My Vision & Mission: To Guide…
You to answers already inside You. Help you move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive. Build Self Trust in You and Your Inner Guidance. Ooouuu, by Joann…I got it!!!

You are the Treasure…the Map is Within…Love is the Compass

In 25 words of less…What is your “Why”
What are the ABC’s of your “How”

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Anita is a Certified TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher.  She is the Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy.  Coined the ALC (the Amazing Life Coach), Anita is creator and developer of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.    Anita’s message is to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive – to TAPN2U.  She is a speaker, published writer/author, with her works published in the Arab Woman Platform magazine, Brown Molasses Sunday (an Anthology of Black women writers), The National Library of Poetry and The Poetry Guild.  Anita also enjoys her work as an independent contracting Advocate for Michigan unemployed workers, and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.