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Courageously Acclaim your Nature (CAN)

Good Morning, Beautiful. It’s me, sharing my daily Thought Massage with You. I did the 3-card spread again this morning.nature.2

Top: Have I clarified my Creativity? What is it?
Yes, my creativity is guiding you to the answers that are inside of you via tools of receptivity, activity and experience. To meet and join with him and have a relationship where I will creatively express my Love, Gratitude and Honor.
L/Bottom: I Am Divine Prosperity because…
Jehovah Jireh is my Divine Source and is within me.
R/Bottom: What is holding me back
Okay, the Truth: My lack of faith in the belief of the Light within me. Ya’ll know that stinkin’/thinkin’, that itty bitty self that is just so stubborn, it just wants to stay in the spotlight and not share it with nuthin’ else that’s inside 🙂

3 keys on How to Clarify Your Creativity:

  • Pray – Ask what are your Natural Gifts & give thanks.
  • Meditate – Listen & give thanks.
  • Contemplate – Think on your Natural Gifts & give thanks.

It’s story-telling time.  Write about You, putting thought to hand, hand to pencil, pencil to paper, and write down your natural gifts and what you love to do.  In essence, your natural gifts and desire, then merge the two together (remember your personal desire too).  Whala…do you see a connection? 🙂

Key: What do you want? Do you have it? Take a leap of Faith today, simply by declaring and acclaiming…Oh, Yea…I CAN!
Key: Yes…You CAN (Courageously Acclaim your Nature).


Anita is a Certified TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher.  She is the Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy.  Coined the ALC (the Amazing Life Coach), Anita is creator and developer of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.    Anita’s message is to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive – to TAPN2U.  She is a speaker, published writer/author, with her works published in the Arab Woman Platform magazine, Brown Molasses Sunday (an Anthology of Black women writers), The National Library of Poetry and The Poetry Guild.  Anita also enjoys her work as an independent contracting Advocate for Michigan unemployed workers, and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.