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Njoy Simplicity…Surprise Yourself

Well, now…Wonders never cease to amaze me.  images (23) I’ve not been to the gym in several weeks and motivated my way today. I thought since I hadn’t been, I’d run (actually jog, cause the speed is at 4.0) for about 5 minutes and acclimate myself back to my stamina of 20 minutes as I continue to get back to my 3 days on/1 day off routine. Humph, don’t cha know, I’m jogging, I get to five minutes and I say, okay, I’ll just go a little while longer. I do my thing of visualizing while seeing in my minds eye all those toxins being released and eliminated through the pouring sweat; seeing the blue blood raise up from the right, travel through my heart and lungs and flow beautifully red down my left. Open my eyes, close my eyes and jog. Hey, nah…total time – 20 minutes with 1 mile in 15 minutes.

Walking back to my apartment, feeling the cool breeze, I feel so Good. I get to my Quaint Castle, climb the stairs, open the door, and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee welcomes me. Ahhhh, life is God Good.

I guess the moral of this l’il story is:
a) Enjoy the simple things of LIFE
b) Let your Self surprise yourself

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Anita is an Ordained Minister, Certified TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher, Speaker & published Author.  She is the Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy.  Coined the ALC (the Amazing Life Coach), Anita is creator and developer of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game.    Anita’s message is to move beyond positive thinking to simply BE-ing positive, live LIFE from the inside – TAPN2U.  Anita also enjoys her work as an independent contracting Advocate for Michigan unemployed workers, and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.