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Beautiful Visual Image

Something I’d like to share. I was invited by a friend, Samirian, (Thank You Samirian) to the Black Women Rock panel discussion at the Charles H. Wright Museum. It was yesternoontime. These sisters are Dynamic, and the event It was Awesome!

Just moments ago, as I’m doing some early morning-hour listening and reflecting, the image, although it was stirring, I’d not put 2:2 together until this morning’s hour. A Beautiful Black Woman, about 5′, with a gait strong and straight approached the mike, stationed in the center of the room. With a voice powerful and pleasing, announced her blessed age of 90. I mean she strutted that platform like nobody’s business sharing her wisdom, as she commented on the Black Women Rock concert the nite before. Wow!!! it was absolutely amazing to witness such an Insight (her message and she). It was she I was suppose to see.

I’m so glad I was invited and followed my heart to go. Yes, the panel was Awesome. The vision and message of the image…clearly Amazing.

What is age…a number / When is it too late to wish upon a star…Not Today / When is it time to stop dreaming…Never / When’s a Good place to begin believing in a Dream…Wherever You are / When’s a Good time to walk in that Dream…NOW!

I know this is speaking and touching somebody’s heart as it did mine

Anita is a Writer/published Author, Certified Transformation TAPN2U Life Coach/Teacher and Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate for the unemployed worker.  She is the founder of Anita C Powell, LLC, Director of Engai Creative Thought Academy, creator of the TAPN2U Treasure Map project and TAPN2U Card Game for Self Recovery.  Anita is a speaker, delivering her poetic affirmations and other illuminations.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Philosophy and continues to volunteer her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

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