My Story


The following all began with a dream in 1978. A single mother’s dream for her precious twin girls were to graduate high school, college, begin a career, get married, and have children. My girls graduated high school, college, currently serve as RN’s, are married (I have two wonderful sons {in-law}), and I have five beautiful grandchildren.

Blessed with my daughters and a single mother’s dream coming true, remembering as a child, I’ve always wanted to teach, serve as an attorney, while having a keen interest in the psyche and psychology of people, and have written poetry as long as I could read, write and spell.  In essence, I think I, for as long as I can remember, wanted to minister to myself and others in realizing our worth, our value, our potential.  I truly believe that’s because as a child, I felt unworthy and inferior, which I masked very well.  As I transitioned into adulthood, I began a very deep and soulful quest for a Spiritual connection, and as it is…prayers are heard and answered.

Experiencing a quantum shift in 1998, after working 19 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections, I left on a wing and a prayer to start anew.  Although one part of me kicked and screamed at walking away from 19 years tenure, a stronger part of me propelled me onward.  It was a pull inside of me, stronger than me.  This was the return to a journey of self recovery.  Looking back, I see now that my journey actually began as that insecure, feeling unworthy teenage child.  I remember often looking up to the sky hopelessly thinking that there wasn’t anything on this earth that could give me what I needed, and that if God was up in the heavens, how could He even know where I was. I guess for years I felt the illusion of the absence of God.

Many years of soul searching, praying and meditating – I learn…I embrace…I merge, and as a result…self recovery, purpose and passion have emerged and is manifest as a Metaphysical & CAM Practitioner, Teacher, Author & Advocate. Hummm, sounds very similar to the things I wanted to do and be as a child; nothing is lost, nothing need be discovered only recovered. It’s there.  It always was and I believe always will be.  The words of Earth Wind & Fire, “A child is born with a heart of Gold, ways of the world makes his heart turn cold.”  The gold is still there, we just need to TAPN2 our heart & mind to retrieve it.


What lies behind the Eye…within the Heart

Is a whole world, a complete dimension.
Answers to questions, companionship to loneliness.  The glow to further mind extension.
A trip with the stars, the spiral staircase leading to Heaven’s gate.  Decreeing the Truth of Being…Declaring, affirming God’s estate.
A Unity of Godhood, Peace to keep the water still.  Attuned with the Universe, pure Love patiently waiting to be revealed.
A summer’s dream and winter’s cove, the mountain top covered with snow.  The Beautiful whisper of our Gentle Voice guiding, teaching the way to grow…Life’s bountiful treasure – heaven’s eternal pleasure
Commanding purity, demanding not earth’s will, yet Thy.  Mastery above any physical manifestation is what lies behind the Eye…within the Heart.  TAPN2U

Self Recovery is Beautiful & so are You…TAPN2U

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