images (1)I remember one day as a teen was walking down the street.  I remember looking up at the sky and thinking that there is nothing on this earth that could fulfill me.  Talk about feeling alone.  I was sixteen.  From there, and for years, I traveled down dark roads looking for Light. Seeking synthetically for that fulfillment, only to replace unfulfillment with emptiness.  The birth of my daughters filled my heart with so much love, and for a time my dream became a dream for them, and my love for them masked the soul search I was longing to find .  

My daughters became young ladies, young ladies who graduated high school and ventured off to college.  Alas, the empty nest and the mask turned to dust; a dust that could no longer cover the ache within my heart.  That emptiness, buried deeper within me, woul resurface at the stroke of a moment’s notice, and it was then, I knew I wore that emptiness very well.  For years, I’m looking for something…just didn’t know what.

Recently, within the last few years, I discovered I was really looking for me. The Who, What, When, Why, How and Where of Me; the Light I was searching for was and is within me.

Sound familiar???  Who are You, What are You, Where have you been? and Where are you going?

The most important lesson we can learn is Who We Are, so we can be the very best we can be, as ordained by the Creator, Nature and the Universe.  To know You is to Love You, is to Trust You, is to Accept You, is to Recover YOU…TAPN2U.

Today, I’m in a Good place, a Creative space.  The emptiness is gone, replaced by fulfillment…fulfillment of the enjoyment in my journey of learning who I am and the excited anticipation of taking steps to where I’m going.  I found me and love the learning more of me, in…lifelightlove*anita