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“How to Make Candles” E-book only $10.00, sold separately. / Class $35.00 (included e-book)
For further information, please feel free to contact me @(313) 605-8220

I’ve been crafting candles since the 80’s and am so happy to offer this class.

Learn to makes candles for yourself.

Make a candle
Bathe by candlelight

Have dinner by candlelight
Pray by candlelight
Meditate by candlelight
Visualize by candlelight

Share candle making with your partner.

Make a date nite and discover the intimacy of making a candle just for the two of you. Many articles have been written about couples indulging in fun and play.

“Couples that play together…stay together”.
Create and have fun together by…
Make a candle
Bathe by candlelight together
Have dinner by candlelight
Love by candlelight




  • Essence Oils & Aromatherapy:

Essential oils are the Soul of the plant.

They lift the mood, soothe the body and enhance the quality of life.

They are aromatherapeutic, meaning they affect one’s psychological and physical well being.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Aromatherapy. 

E-COURSE:   Learn an introduction to Aromatherapy while in the comfort of your home or where ever you choose to be.

To Enroll:  Log on to Paypal and enroll ($30.00 enrollment fee) through my email at  After you enroll, you’ll receive the Welcome/Introduction, Table of Contents, Lesson 1 and Terms of Reference.  As you complete each lesson, email me your answers and I’ll email you the next lesson.  At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

In addition to course content, as a member to Aura Aesthetics Application of Aromatherapy, you’ll have access to further resources via Facebook – for members only:  Skin Talk and Aura & Aesthetics of Aromatherapy.

I hope you have fun and learn with this Aura Aesthetics Application of Aromatherapy.

 IN-PERSON CLASS:  In this 3-hour class, we’ll be discussing how to use various essential oils to create beautiful synergy.  Do you enjoy the aroma of flowers?  What about woods or fruit?  In this workshop, you’ll leave with your very own, hand-crafted aromatherapeutic mini spa.

At the end of the workshop we’ll discuss a case study where you can apply what information you were given in order to assess your overall understanding of treating the mind, body and spirit by way of Therapy by Aroma.  You’ll be able to create a special blend for your partner, that makes them feel good and an aroma that will remind them of You.

$45.00 – supplies & materials included.
$15.00 non-refundable deposit required.
(3% surcharge with credit card payment).
Of course, we’ll have light refreshments.


Instruction by Anita C. Powell, Certified Aromatherapist

Anita received her Aromatherapy certification circa 1990, and has provided instruction at Wayne County Community College.  She’s given consultations and created special blends for her clients for many years.

Let’s Get Started!!!