Numerical Vibe Blueprint Design


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TAPN2U Self Recovery Cards
Personal Year Numerical Vibe
Complementary 30-minute Coach Session ($75.00 Value)



It is written that Einstein said, “Everything is Energy…Pythagoras, “It’s all Numerical and King David asked, “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.

Numerology, the science of numbers, tells us much about ourselves, our surroundings, the best time to pursue endeavors.  However, in all of the above, Numerical Vibe Designs shares with us our purpose, our True Self, our Power vibe, opportunities for growth, destiny, direction…  It is a wonderful tool to have as we journey onward, upward and most certainly inward.  It reveals our vibratory connection with Cosmic vibration.  It helps our heart’s ultimate quest for fulfillment and happiness.

It’s all about the TAPN2U your Universal inside…the why, the how and the Oneness of God in and You.