TAPN2U Self Recovery Cards


A fun way to connect with your Self and others; an excellent Coach & Self Development tool.
Coach guide/Instruction booklet
60 TAPN2U Self Recovery Cards (includes)
Mantra for Meditation
Meditative Visual
Cowrie Shell & Crystal
30-second timer
Satin chocolate-color tote for your cards…

You are the Treasure…the Map is Within…Love is the Compass & Key

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Actually, I call these God’s cards, because they’re Universal.  They’re:

  • Thought Provoking
  • Heart Evoking
  • Emotionally Described…
  • Feeling Prescribed
  • Memory Reachable
  • True Self Teachable
  • Mind…Body…Spirit Reflected
  • Body…Soul…Spirit Connected

I’ve learned and continue to learn so much about mySelf and I’m so lovin’ the journey Inside.The Concept:


This TAPN2U Game was created to self help us connect with ourselves and each other in a fun, loving, carefree way.  To elevate and enhance self recovery of our purpose/passion, while understanding, loving and treasuring our uniqueness, as we serve ourselves and others.  These TAPN2U Self Recovery cards are wonderful for engaging in intimate dialogue with your partner.  They are great for getting to know each other in new a relationship, as well as recapturing newness in a relationship of long standing; a relationship game designed to bring out the fun and…wanna play?

Where ever we are in LIFE, we’re to represent the Creator’s Light within.  Like sands in the hourglass, so are the many ways we’re here to represent this Presence – this Goodness & Fullness.  To connect with our center, the Presence within, are paved roads we must take.  Meditation is one of those ways.  You can connect with your cards, begin your meditation and start by using the Mantra included.  The Mantra and visual of your card is a nice prelude to meditation, for the novice and the experienced.

It’s our choice to Clarify our Creativity, Validate our Vision, Pursue our  Passion, Profess our Purpose and Manifest our Mission; ultimately be-ing the best we can be.  The TAPN2U Self Recovery card set is a complement to Life Coaching exercise and tools that may be implemented in any Coaching  and Self Improvement program.

Your TAPN2U Self Recovery cards will help you in your quest to Learn to let go, trust and let the Creator within guide and direct you.

Creativity is unlimited in connecting with your TAPN2U cards.

Self Recovery is Beautiful…so are YOU – TAPN2Uin…lifelightlove*anita


“I’m learning so much about myself and loving it! Along with learning about myself, these cards are a source of serenity for me. They help me vent. They calm me down. Plus, if need to talk, I know I can call her. They help me deal with every area of my mind and emotions. It’s nice spending time with me. I now know my stinker/thinker and it ain’t got nothing on me!!!”
~Latifah A. (Detroit, MI)  01/23/2016


“I’ve been using them almost daily. I like them for a morning meditation. I’ll pull a random card each day and meditate on it – sometimes 2 or 3. Love love love this set!! And those candles you sent along are amazing. I like to hold one crystal in each hand while I meditate too. Awesome!! It’s really a great way to be in the moment and that is something I struggle with daily, so it’s so appreciated!!”
~A. Atkinson  (Florrisant, MO) 02/11/16


It was 2 in the morning and me and my wife played the TAPN2U Self Recovery card game.  We love the game and really had fun.  It opened our minds up on so many levels.   It was kinda like a therapy, because it made us look at ourselves and our answer.  In the midst of playing, having fun and being together, we actually had an epiphany.
~C. Clark (Farmington Hills, MI) 11/16/2015


I’ve been married for over 10 years now, and one of the most challenging, if not the biggest challenge, is constant and “meaningful” communication with my spouse. We recently tried a new game while on vacation for our 10 year anniversary that sparked some of the most thought provoking and intimate conversation we’ve had in years. An added bonus to the game was that it was truly fun. I have “Ma” to thank for that!! Thought provoking and enlightening questions that had my wife and I learning more about ourselves than you could imagine. I would recommend this to not only couples like us but anyone who wants to truly get to know not only themselves but those they are closest to.  TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game…10 out of 10, & 5 stars. Thanks for the introduction Angel, it was right on time!!
~E. Webb (West Bloomfield, MI) 11/10/2015


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