Reflection of Illusion

images (42)This morning’s Reflection: Sometimes “Instead of believing (fill in the blank), I’d much rather think & feel that (fill in the blank).

We are so Dynamic, Powerful and Beautiful, and each of us are here for a purpose. I recognize, respect, understand and appreciate that. I know our passions and purpose are aligned with our Creativeness. Most times, I am certain of the overall – the Big Bold purpose of my LIFE in serving myself, my family, my community, my world. There are times tho I allow the changes and rhythms of my past decisions to alter the confidence, the knowingness that rests within my heart. I’m learning to “Pass over the “Past” and give my Soul an opportunity to breathe in the new.

I enjoy the read of many books, and one of these reads is the Holy Bible. These pages reflect love, common sense, wisdom (I could go on and on) One of my favorite reflection is King David’s melody of expression that we have dominion and are crowned with glory. I receive and embrace these words and yet still…

Sometimes in the clutter and chaos in the portal of my mind…there roams an illusion that I am not good enough – nor what I have is good enough.

Instead of believing that I have not/am not, I’d much rather think and feel that I Am more than what it takes and I have all I need to make it happen. Just allowing myself to share this tidbit with you makes me smile and laugh and see it’s only an illusion…ahhh, freedom. I think I’ll refer back to this post often. Hahahahahahahahaha

Take a Selfie on the Inside and TAPN2U…Beautiful You, in…lifelightlove*anita