• STRESS: A new way to introduce the reduction of Stress:

Strive Toward Relaxation Elevate to a Sense of Serenity
When we think of stress, let’s rethink it and Strive Toward Relaxation & Elevate toward a Sense of Serenity. This seminar introduces the cause, signs and symptoms of stress and ways to recognize it then controlling it with activities proven to increase relaxation, including self massage.

This seminar is great for presenting to anyone, any group welcoming a way in reducing stress…office staff, law offices and other high stressful, time-is-of-the-essence environments.  Signs and symptoms of stress are discussed, and providing ways to reduce stress is provided.  Each participant is given reading utensils to have on hand when necessary, as well as a self adhesive biodot and card to help monitor their stress level throughout the day.

This 2.0 hour, hands-on seminar teaches self massage and other relaxing techniques that easily fits into any lifestyle.

$420.00 (20 material packets included)
$1.00 for each additional packet.

Small groups (1 – 10 attendees) $30.00 p/p (includes material packet)
(3% surcharge on credit card payments)

Facilitated by:  Anita C. Powell (313) 605-8220


  • SUCCESS in the 6th Sense©: Telephonic Conference Connection Seminar
    (See Understand Creativity Courageously Excel Smart & Simply)

This is a 3-month, 1 time per week, 45- to 1 hour, group coaching, designed to support & promote self discovery & acceptance, motivation and manifestation. Connecting success with our six senses.

$12.00 p/person
(3% surcharge on credit card purchases)