The Academy

Engai Creative Thought Academy is the Recovery center for Self Assurance, Self Acceptance and Self Awarenessl..Self Recovery It offers classes, workshops and seminars…tools and services designed for those wishing to connect with their center (their Creative within)…to connect with that deep-down, inner Peace and Happiness.  Are you ready and committed to TAPN2U, to enhance Self Trust both intrinsic and extrinsic?  Engai Creative Thought will help you with this.  Call me (313 605-8220) Namaste’, in…lifelightlove*anita

The Academy was founded in 2014.  The name (Engai) is a Masai Warrior word, meaning God.  In the 1980’s while reading through my grandmother’s (Annetta E. Hawisher) book about the Masai people, my eyes were attracted to this word.  I, with only $10.00 in my pocket, rode the public limousine (bus) to the Detroit City County Building and registered the name as a DBA.  At one point during my journey, in 2012, I started the company “AnitaCaprice” and began my quest in learning how to and subsequently making an all natural skin care product and ancillaries; however, I would say that “Engai” was the umbrella, the silent “partner” to the AnitaCaprice company.  Well, in 2014, after completing various instructions, I’ve recovered that Engai is the name and has always been the Center (the God) within all along.  As I often say…I went to Chicago to get to the corner store :-).

I recognize that it was necessary to take, one may say perhaps the long road, in reaching the essence of my Self Recovery & Acceptance thus far.

I find Sisterhood in connecting with You.

I find Soul Connection in Contemplative moments.

I find Self Recovery enhanced through the manifestation of crafts; during moments in creating, I find therapy and mySelf.

I find Self Acceptance embraced through alternative therapy seminars and workshops.

I find Recovery & Acceptance heightened through reading.

In all of these things I find me, and offer them to You, in lifelightlove*anita

E-Course coming soon!

Massage Therapy
Soap Making

“Reflections of an Angel” book of poetic affirmations
Essential Oils & Aromatherapy ebook

STRESS Redefined (Strive Toward Relaxation Elevate to a Sense of Serenity)
SUCCESS (See Understand Creativity Courageously Excel Smart & Simply)

Art of Personal Massage
Creativity is Unlimited…Within
Self (Shine Express LIFE Fully) Esteem Workshop
TAP N2U Treasure Mapping (for children & adult settings)
TAP N2U Self Recovery Round Table

Dream Weave SUCCESS Life Plan Program
Very similar to when you’ve taken a Business class and at the end of the class, you had developed your Business Plan, so it is with Engai CT Academy’s Dream Weave SUCCESS Life Plan.  At the end of this 12-week program, you’ll have developed your own personal Life Plan.  This Life Plan compendium, will help you to clarify & validate what you want in your life.  I’ve been on my self-discovery journey for 16 years and recently realized these tools simply work and work simply.  So far, I’ve manifested three major desires by using this Life Plan, and it continues to aide and guide me on my journey onward and upward.

I am so excited to share them with you!!! 

This Life Plan is a Lifestyle of merging specific tools into activities of daily living. It’s designed to TAPN2U to re-discover who we are, while empowering us with wisdom and skill in the continuous know-how of self recovery & acceptance while intrinsically and extrinsically living our LIFE in harmony.

During the program – we’ll have fun creating your personal Destination Intention.

The finale of this program, you’ll have clarified a Big Bold Intention Mission, able to understand and write it down in less than 25 words (just as a business plan mission).  When you’re able to say it in 25 words or less, it is clear to you and when it’s clear to you…the path ain’t hard, it’s happy!!!

Self Recovery is Beautiful & so are You – TAPN2U

Life LIFE from the Inside Out…in lifelightlove*anita