TAPN2U Self Recovery card game

It was 2 in the morning and me and my wife played the TAPN2U Self Recovery card game.  We love the game and really had fun.  It opened our minds up on so many levels.   It was kinda like a therapy, because it made us look at ourselves and our answer.  In the midst of playing, having fun and being together, we actually had an epiphany.

~C. Clark (Farmington Hills, MI) 11/16/2015

I’ve been married for over 10 years now, and one of the most challenging, if not the biggest challenge, is constant and “meaningful” communication with my spouse. We recently tried a new game while on vacation for our 10 year anniversary that sparked some of the most thought provoking and intimate conversation we’ve had in years. An added bonus to the game was that it was truly fun. I have “Ma” to thank for that!! Thought provoking and enlightening questions that had my wife and I learning more about ourselves than you could imagine. I would recommend this to not only couples like us but anyone who wants to truly get to know not only themselves but those they are closest to.  TAPN2U Self Recovery Card Game…10 out of 10, & 5 stars. Thanks for the introduction Angel, it was right on time!!

~E. Webb (West Bloomfield, MI) 11/10/2015

TAPN2U Clarity Call:

Dear all,
I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Anita C. Powell my real supporter. She appeared to me in a time when I really was in need for a mentor and coach to help me. She was there always in all my hard times and without her I would not be able to accomplish my book and doctorate research. Thanks a lot Anita. And thanks to Ayisha Amatullah for creating this institute and the idea of coach buddy that was the reason to meet with Anita.”
~N. El Hady (Cairo, Egypt) 11/28/2016

“I’m fine now thanks too the awesomeness of Ms. Anita C. Powell. Often times we need to look at things from a different prospective. It’s not as bad as we think it is. Matter of fact. It’s actually Rose’s sitting at the end of every rainbow. I believe that and receive that.”
~Stephanie S. (Detroit, MI) 09/19/2026

Hello everyone! I hope this finds each of you in health and spirits! I just want to take a minute to log on and share my experience with Ms. Anita.

I was in a place of frustration from being stuck in a person focus area and I spoke with Ms. Anita to gain a little clarity. As a matter of fact, “little” is an understatement. I gained complete clarity!!!! new just the right questions to ask that allowed me to go deeper and see things for what they really were versus what I subconsciously made them to be.
After speaking with Coach I feel so much lighter, less stressed, confused and my vision and thoughts are no longer cloudy. My session was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I am literally shutting down all communication for the remainder of the evening because I need to just take all of this yummy goodness in and prepare for tomorrow when I test out the action steps she and I went over. I am so open and ready to tackle this thing head on. Sorry for the lengthy post but as the old folk say, “I couldn’t hold my mule!”
Thank you Coach Anita! There is a reason I call you my energy source.
L. Reed (Dearborn, MI) 09/12/2016
Hi Anita,
It was the deepest pleasure speaking with you this evening. “As surely as the LORD lives”, our conversation, I will inevitably remember for the rest of my life. You are truly walking in your calling! Everything that you said was a confirmation of what already existed in my heart. Anita, you are absolutely and WORDLESSLY amazing! No writer or wordsmith possesses the ability to express the gratitude that I have for what you were able to do for me on this night, October the fifth, two-thousand fifteen. Me wishing you the best is not going to change what God has in store for you! So I will just sit back and watch you reap the blessings that you sowed into others!
Forever a friend,
~Darryl H.  (North Carolina) 10/05/2015

I want to take a few moments to thank you, Anita, for your support and time! You have helped me stay focused on my goals and motivated as I move forward to completing them! It has been a pleasure to have you support me, your kindness and supportive approach is both comforting and encouraging. Thank you.
~Cindy G. – California (04/16/2015)

“My life had been in turmoil for the last five years not knowing what to do to get back on track. I stopped believing in me and looked for others to blame. After my session with Anita, I was able to begin the process of changing my stinky thinking about life and clarify my true destiny. My first session has brought life to my situation and Anita provided me with tools needed to start my journey to success. I recommend Anita highly, as she is well informed, caring and has the ability to help me identify my fears and how to conquer them. Anita is really good and knows her stuff; you can’t go wrong with her services. Thank you Anita and you know that I mean every word of it.”
~A. Ford (North Carolina) 10/02/2015.

TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience:

I’m glad I participated in this experience.  I recovered that I am on the right track.  The Treasure Map experience was fun, very insightful and clarifying.
L. Joseph (Farmington Hills, MI) 09/02/2016

“Murphy Performance Academy has been fortunate to be provided a free student support program offered by Ms. Anita Powell. The Treasure Mapping Program has helped groups of our students to develop visioning and goal setting skills, which they had not previously been exposed. This has proven to be very helpful especially for our student population. Murphy Performance Academy is a former K-8 Detroit Public School, which the State of Michigan identified as one of 15 schools to come under the new Education Achievement Authority (EAA). These 15 schools had a student population that consistently performed well below the national and state academic standards, and had additional at-risk characteristics such as low SES and adverse behavior challenges. The opportunity for our students to receive this program has allowed them to grow, plan and see themselves achieving beyond their zip code. We at Murphy Performance Academy are extremely grateful for this program, and highly recommend it to other groups who may be fortunate to be offered the opportunity to receive it.”
~Mr. Jackson (Detroit, MI) 02/19/2016

I made two Treasure Maps.  We get to make a picture of ourselves and we get to make what we want, what we want to do, what tools we need; how much money we want to make.  We get to think about the things we need and can show other people too.  (When asked about having to think), Embry said…I liked having to come up with ideas.  It was fun and made me smile, mostly it made me laugh, because I was having so much fun.  I didn’t feel like it was hard; it was nice and made me feel special,  because it helped me know my inner strength and had me thinking about things, and I got to learn more about the tools I’ll need to use when I grow up and be what I want to be.  I know that I can be the best, I will be the best, I am the best is what I saw and still see in me, while I played and drew pictures on my piece of paper; I also wrote my “bests” on my declaration cards.  After I finished my maps, I know more now how special, kind, caring, great, loving, smart and that I really like math.  On my Treasure Map, I drew and wrote that I want to teach Math so people can become good at it, so they won’t feel like they are by themselves, thinking they are the only ones who don’t know math.  I feel sure of myself that I can do what I set out to do.  I took my Treasure Maps home and put one in my closet and one on my wall so I can look at them every day.  .  I know that I can be the best, I will be the best, I am the best. I AM A TREASURE!!!
~Embry M. Webb, 8 yrs of age (W. Bloomfield, MI) 11/22/2015

Thank you Miz Powell for making a difference in the lives of the 2015 Summer Enrichment Kids. We love you for sharing the treasure map experience.
~T.M. Pettway (Detroit, MI) 09/21/2015

THANK-YOU VERY MUCH Coach Anita C. Powell for the TAP N2U Treasure Mapping workshop. It was an eye-opening and extremely reflective and fulfilling experience. Coach Anita, I must acknowledge is a person who is genuinely made for helping people dive deep into them and bring out their hidden potential, dreams and passions. She is professional and highly intuitive and has a knack at connecting all the dots and fill all the blanks and pauses in your conversation to show you the complete picture which you might be having difficulty to see on your own. She enabled me to reflect better and helped me realize who I was. Speaking to her was one great thing that I did for myself and that I want to do all over again. I highly recommend her as a professional who knows what she is doing and also knows how to do it well. She is honestly the person if you are looking for clarity!!!~Z. Ahmed – Arizona (06/10/2015)

It was truly a enlightening, journey into, as the facilitator said, “Rediscovering” myself based on my dreams, goals, visions of my future from my past. She indicated, “We each are the treasure and the map is hidden inside of us”. There was reference to the crayon as a form of creativity that was healing, freeing, and allowed us to reconnect through the simplicity of a crayon.

I am not a singer, I am not a dancer, but I can express with my crayon!

I really enjoyed talking with the other participants and learning about myself and others…everyone was warm and friendly.

I took notes during the presentation and of course I had to research the meanings behind my drawing(I am up doing this now, the psychology of art therapy, my bold lines and defined feet is another story, lol) ….
It was such a joyful journey into learning about me through the use of crayons…I would do it again in a heartbeat

I recommend this form of self-discovery!!! It is the next best wave into learning more about yourself….
T. Bankston – Detroit, MI (03/02/2015)

I know you’re not my mom or therapist, but I just want you to know you havereally encouraged me when we talked and I thank you.
~S. Brown – Sterling Hgts., MI (02/04/2015)

Anita, Thank you for your time and expertise! You are awesome.
~Y. Howard – Detroit, MI (01/21/15)

Spoken Word:

Oh, what a beautiful day with Open Hands & Beyond The Bars Ministries at New Bethel Baptist Church. The dynamic speaker, Sister Anita C. Powell (Beautiful You and Your Intimate Calling), gave an informational and inspirational message to all who attended. Thank you my sister/friend for the encouragement. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.
~Y. Howard – Detroit (05/31/2015)

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