TAPN2U© Project Workshops:  All workshops $35.00 p/p {3% surcharge on credit card payments} and are offered for individual and group settings.  Call today to schedule your workshop!

  • PLANT TO GROW Self Esteem Workshop
    This 2-hour, hands-on workshop introduces and covers components of self esteem.  This one’s more about discussion & recovery.  In this workshop, we share ideas on how to and uncover limiting belief, self sabotaging behavior and even create our own “stinker/thinker” so when it pops its head out, we can tell it to go take a seat 🙂  A very nice surprise too 🙂
    (3% surcharge on credit card payments)


  • TAPN2U Treasure Map Experience:
    You are the treasure, the map is Within and Love is the compass.  A fun get together of Sisterhood, Self Recovery and Soul Connecting.   Bring out the Little Girl,the Princess in you and Manifest with a Marker…Dare to Dream & Create with a Crayon!
    (3% surcharge on credit card payments)


  • TAPN2U Self Recovery Cards:The name says it all!!!  Communicating & Connecting, Sharing and Supporting each other as we play this fun and enlightening game.  Purchase your set and share with your friends, family, and your partner.
    an other idea:  Solo-Contemplative tool:
    *Select your card in the morning and contemplate the message throughout the day.
    *Assists with daily Gratitude journaling.
    *Declare daily affirmation.
    *Daily Self Recovery.
    *For Prayer & Meditation.
    *Self Awareness.
    *…possibilities unlimited.  All you need is your Imagination.

$40.00 each (includes S&H)

(Includes Instruction, Declaration Card, Meditation Visual/Mantra, Timer, Crystal, Cowrie Shell and Satin Case)
(3% surcharge on credit card purchases)


  • Creavtivity is Unlimited…Within©: This is a vivid & guided imagery workshop designed to elevate self discipline by active listening, visualization and contemplation.

A great beginning to practicing the Art of Meditation, Self Discipline & Recovery by using Guided & Vivid Imagery.

The goal of the “Creativity is Unlimited…Within” workshop is to introduce a technique that may be practiced at home, alone or with a partner.  It’s designed to enhance self discipline and recovery, thought control, while promoting relaxation, reducing stress and engendering a sense of joy and tranquility. A few minutes daily can produce lasting results.

The components of this workshop are:

  • Spoken Word
  • Music
  • Candle
  • Biodots
  • and YOU.

Available for individual and group settings.

Included in the fee that you take with you…
Self Pledge/Commitment form
Wish List
Fact Finder/Words from the Wise
Color Chart
Oil Chart
Biodot & Biodot Chart

(3% surcharge on credit card payments).

All workshop ideas are created and developed by Anita C. Powell, M.Msc.,CLC.  CIUW has been facilitated at the Detroit Board of Education/Wellness Program, as well as at various self-improvement workshops/seminars throughout the Michigan area.  These workshop/seminars are great additions to any health, wellness and inner personal growth events.


ngnFor more information, call Anita @ (313) 605-8220 or email @