Partnering with Me

Benefits of Partnering with me:  It’s all about Loving the LIFE You Live

  • Recover the Who of You
  • Clarify your Creativity
  • Begin your journey to being the Best of You
  • Recognizing self-sabotaging behavior
  • Learn how to diminish illusions of limiting beliefs
  • Chakra balancing
  • Discovering how absolutely Beautiful You are outside and in

As your TAPN2U teacher, we’ll have fun stepping into:

  • Self Discipline & Recovery
  • Your Purpose & Passion
  • Your Talents (natural gifts)
  • Honoring your genuine needs
  • Having focus, clarity and direction
  • Making effective decisions
  • Intentional step taking
  • Creating balance
  • Reflections
  • Mirror Play
  • Spatial Distance
  • Treasure Mapping
  • Getting results

Self Recovery involves:

  • Recognizing a need for change
  • Realizing your power to manifest your vision
  • Honoring your genuine needs
  • Believing in yourSelf
  • Having the Intention and TAPN2U to manifest what you desire
  • Uncovering self sabotage behavior
  • Learning to respond of Love v react out of fear
  • Embracing self discipline
  • In the silence & solitude…TAPN2U

If you want to consciously connect with your Intimate Calling, catch your dreams and weave them into manifestation, push through fear, realize your potential, and generally live a happier and overall prosperous life at home, work and play then give me a call at (313) 605-8220 or email me at now to schedule your life coaching session and to find out more about the tools and activities we’ll be using.
Come on, let’s play, let’s learn, let’s grow…

Self Recovery is Beautiful & so are You…TAPN2U
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